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Is it illegal to make multiple accounts for free trials?

Is it illegal to make multiple accounts for free trials?

Is it illegal to make multiple accounts for free trials? Or Have you been tempted in the past to use a second account that will enable you to register for more free trial? You’re not alone. You’re not the only one. then the rest of free access just seems too tempting to pass on for many folks. 

Now, is this even legal? In this post, we’re going to take a deep dive into free trials, account stacking and the legal/ethical considerations that arise when people start creating multiple accounts to take advantage of these offers.

Direct Answer Of: Is It Illegal To Make Multiple Accounts For Free Trials?

Yes, it is usually illegal to make multiple accounts for free trials as it violates the terms of service of most companies.

The Purpose of Free Trials

Free trial: A promotion in which consumers are allowed to try a product for free for a certain time before making an initial payment. This ploy is a standard marketing claim made by companies to entice fresh users.

The aim behind the free trial is to give your prospective customers an opportunity to check out product/service for free before they are subscribing. So that companies can convert these users who have tested their product or platform into payment customers.

Common Terms and Conditions

Free trial invariably has conditions that dictate the usage limits, how long a trial be used legitimately and an array of other conditions such as forbidding users from creating many accounts. Typically, you are asked to enter your payment details and advised that you will be charged for the service if it hasn’t been canceled before the trial period expires.

What is Account Stacking?

Account stacking occurs when a person circumvents free trial restrictions by creating excessive accounts. Many times it is done to always have free, unlimited access to a service without ever spending a dime on it.

How to Bypass Free Trial Limit By Users

Methods of Creating Multiple Accounts

There are several ways users create multiple accounts to exploit free trials:

Temporary Email Services

But when it comes to some people, they create multi accounts using temporary email services. The services give you disposable mail addresses which you can use when registering on free trial websites and are not willing to reveal your real, long term email address.

Fake Personal Information

Another common practice includes utilizing fake personal information, including fictitious names and addresses. This way end-users stay clear of service provider fraud detection mechanisms.

Legal Implications of makiung multiple accounts for free trials

Therefore, you may wonder whether it is illegal to create multiple accounts for free trials. The short answer is no. Although setting up numerous accounts is likely not illegal in and of itself, it almost always goes against the terms of service (TOS) of the proiding company’s free trial.

Is It Illegal to Make Multiple Accounts?

According to the terms and conditions of most platforms, it is illegal to have multiple accounts on one client. I think several accounts to abuse free trials is grounds for a breach of terms. This is known as one of the parts in a company’s TOS that you agree to when signing up for such a service (usually)

Terms of Service Violations

It’s worth noting that violating the TOS is not a crime, but it can lead to criminal charges. Companies can also terminate accounts that violate their terms, and if they can demonstrate things like lost profits, they might be eligible to get a damages judgment against you.

Consequences of Violating TOS

Companies have taken legal actions

Although rare, some companies will sue a user who they claim has continuously breached the terms of their TOS. so now you know This can mean seeking financial compensation for any losses they have suffered as a consequence of free trials being exploited.

Ethical Considerations

Lastly, beyond the legality of it all, there are ethical issues to consider as well. Is it really fair to keep exploiting a company’s free trial offer?

The Moral Aspect

Nevertheless, it’s pretty deceptive to lie about who you are and create multiple accounts just so that everyone in your household can get a free trial of the same service. It violates the trust that we are trying to build with the user of this service provider and it is like breaking his honesty orthodoxy.

Business Implications

If customers overuse free trials, businesses will lose financially. This may result in increased rates for regular users or the cancellation of free trial programs overall. How to avoid those? Instead of implementing account stacking, do the following: 

Paid Subscriptions

If you appreciate a particular service, don’t mind paying for the subscription. This way, you support the company’s operations and guarantee continuous access to the service. 

Discounts and Promos

Companies continuously provide discounts and discounts. Many of them have special offers for first-time clients or specific periods, such as Black Friday, which reduce the costs of their service.


To summarize, even though creating additional accounts to get free trials is not truly illegal, it still goes against the terms of service for most companies and can result in serious ramifications. Obviously, according’s to all rules you should adhere to the Terms of Service in this matter and maybe even consider subscribing these Providers if they do a good job.


Can I get in trouble for using fake details on free trials?

Is using fake information illegal? Using false or fake names are entirely forbidden on most websites and services. It relates to the terms and service agreement signed by them when you first created an account with one of those site or ones that will take advantage of it later!

Is it legal to charge the company for breaking terms of service around usage on free trial?

A company can sue you if it can demonstrate that what you did directly led to financial damage.

Can you guess what the risks are with using multiple accounts to get free trials?

Moreover, the risks are more dire in practical terms: the termination of your account or facing a lawsuit for breaking certain laws that you agreed to when agreeing to SLAs.

How to get a free trial used concurrently with legal ways?

Contact customer support and some companies will give you an extension or extra time to take a free trial offer

What if I can’t afford a service after the free trial period ends?

You should look for discounts, promotions or other alternatives that are a bit more affordable which will work the same to you.


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